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Rick Scofield

Position: Fire Chief
Term: 1998 – 1999

Rick Scofield was born in Tucson and graduated from Catalina High School. He earned a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Arizona in l973. He worked construction until he started his own company called Scofield Construction in Tucson. Many houses were built by his company to include several in Starr Pass and some in Sonoita. At the present Rick is working in Commercial Construction for Lang Wyatt Construction.

During his time as Chief, he tried many different ways to let the firemen see new scenarios away from the station. Once he turned a car over in his front yard to show the firemen and EMT’s how to extricate a patient in this situation. The firemen learned many things to include how to handle fuel spills, chocking in order to stabilize a car, and mountain rescue where the basket and ropes pulleys were used. Most of the training for unusual scenarios was done away from the station, which was a good thing. It is not usual for an incident to happen AT the station. The Scofield period was a family affair. Rick was Chief, Kenny, their son, was a fireman, and Sharon, his wife, was a dispatcher. There was a time we had a fire call, and the Scofields were the only ones in town. Chief Scofield and Kenny responded to the fire, and Sharon dispatched. It was a fire call to a new house construction where they found a fire in a large trash collector. Talk about a one family operation!

Because Ed Schaeffer wanted to retire from being Chief in order to run his school, Rick said he would take command in the interim, until the Board could find someone else to take charge. Working full time in Tucson and trying to devote all the time needed to run the fire station was a big load to carry.

Rick is a very talented guy. He has won a couple belt buckles for U.S. Team Roping in Arizona and New Mexico with his partner Nick Kavathas, also from this area. He and his family started out mountain biking. In their first El Tour de Tucson Rick and Sharon did the 35 mile leg on mountain bikes! This charity ride is usually ridden on road bikes, because the course is on pavement and allows for gears to go at higher speeds. The first year was mostly fun charity rides with the family. He and Kenny soon discovered racing the MBAA series together and were off and racing each weekend. This February, as he does every year, Rick raced the 24Hours in the Old Pueblo held out at Willow Springs Ranch near Oracle. He and 4 other team members of his cycling team “Team Rhino” placed 5th. Not bad for a coed 200+ combined age! BUT THIS YEAR Rick rode El Tour de Tucson placing second in the 35 mile leg, (roll the drums, blow the horns, sound the alarms). He just missed 1st place men’s division by 2 sec. What a killer!!! He spends many a weekend out on the road or in the hills conditioning for the next race. He has started racing criterions on weekends with Sharon. This is a closed circuit, timed event, it’s pure adrenaline for the duration.

In the life of the Scofields, biking again is a family affair. Rick and Sharon have two adult children – all are bikers. Because this article is about Rick, we won’t say how Sharon placed in the woman’s division of The Tour de Tucson. You will have to ask her – I know!!!

Chief Scofield was a tremendous addition to our Fire Chiefs. He was dedicated and knowledgeable. As you can see he was athletic (still is) and could handle situations very well as they arose. Thank you Chief for giving your time and effort to a needy bunch of willing firefighters, EMT’s, dispatchers, and mechanics. We deeply appreciate your time with SEESI.