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Jim Maloney

Position: Fire Chief
Term: 1999 – 2002

Jim was born in Sierra Vista and graduated from Buena High School in 1978. He took classes at Cochise College and Pima Community College. He got his Paramedic Certification from Pima College in 1987. His history in this south eastern part of Santa Cruz County is a long one . His maternal grandfather was James Parker, a part of the family for whom Parker Canyon is named. The many acres of land in this area was a homestead belonging to the Parkers. His fraternal grandfather was Jack Maloney of Portal,Arizona. His Mother, Jewell Parker, married his Father, George Maloney, and as they say, “The rest is history.” In the Maloney family there is Jim – Grandfather Maloney (Joyce), Jim – Dad Maloney, Jackie – Mom Maloney, and Jimmy, Justin and Joel – sons Maloney. Too bad they didn’t have a girl so they could name her Judy. In this family there are four (4) generations of firefighter – Great-Grandpa Maloney, Grandpa Maloney, Dad Jim, and sons Jimmy, Justin, and Joel. Great-Grandpa Maloney was a Fire Chief in Ft Huachuca, Grandpa Maloney was a Fire Chief in Sierra Vista and Ft Huachuca and is now with the Forest Service, Dad Jim was a Battalion Commander with Fry Fire, Jimmy was a Engineer/Paramedic with Fry Fire (now in Mesa Fire Department), Justin is with the Forrest Service and Joel is a cowboy on the Empire Ranch as well as a Reserve Firefighter/EMT with Tubac Fire Department ALL the Maloneys run their ranch and have numerous head of cattle.

Jim was the best qualified to be a Fire Chief of all the Chiefs we have had. He went to work for Fry Fire Dept. in 1980, became an Engineer in 1985 and a Captain in 1986. He is a member of the Technical Rescue Team. That includes Swift Water Rescue, High Angle Rescue (caves, mines, mountains – all include the use of ropes), Confined Rescue ( Apache Nitrogen Plant in Benson – very dangerous). Jim is certified and has instructed classes in all these rescue modes both in Fry Fire Dept., other Fire Depts., and to private organizations. Arizona Fire School in Phoenix asked him to teach wildland classes. He certified and taught Wilderness Medicine. He has been a paramedic for 18 years, where he once again taught classes. Obviously he knows his stuff. He was telling me he went to Clown School. I thought he was pulling my leg, but it was really a class to be taught to schools about fire safety, It was called Public Education – Fire Safety. The selected firefighters all dressed up like clowns, had names (his was Burnie), and traveled to places like Phoenix, Flagstaff and other schools in Arizona plus schools in New Mexico. What a great way for children to learn fire safety.

He was Vice President of Arizona Fire and Burn Educators Association. Jim was asked to apply to the National Fire Academy in Maryland. He did and was accepted twice for Public Education Administration and Management of Emergency Medical Services. Quite an honor!

Jim became SEESI’s Chief Maloney in 1999. His main interests as Chief were getting his people certified in the areas in which they were engaged. Bringing the trucks “Up to snuff” was also a main priority. When our new brush truck was bought in Georgia, Chief Maloney flew out and drove it back. He was definitely interested in forming a Fire District and an auxiliary station. His greatest challenge – the Ryan Fire! What a challenge!!

Because Jim was working full time at Fry Fire Dept., and trying to work almost full time at SEESI, he decided it had to be one or the other. As things turned out, Fry Fire Dept. won out. He retired from SEESI in 2002.

As for hobbies; – does he have time for hobbies? He works his ranch. Tile work was in the picture for a while, but it became too hard on the knees. After all he is a Grandfather once and soon to be twice.

In June, 2005 Jim retired from FFD with 25 years. Did he stay retired long? No! He applied to Air Evac in July 2005, was accepted and sent to Phoenix for more paramedic training. This was called Critical Care Paramedic – MORE SCHOOL!!!

Jim, Chief Maloney, schoolmaster, clown, Helicopter Medic, whatever your title, we appreciate your many qualifications, your varied knowledge, huge expertise, but most of all your time. I have never seen Jim without a smile on his face. What a great addition he was to SEESI. The Sonoita-Elgin Fire Department thanks you very much for being a part of our department. We wish you only the best in the future.